team building trends of 2022

team building trends 2022

What is team building?

We see STIXN team building as an event where a group can improve internal cooperation. Each activity we offer has different factors why they are suitable for team building. For example, in laser shooting it is important to work together in a group against another group. It is necessary to discuss a proper tactic in advance. With Virtual Reality , the level of competition is present, but you have to communicate well with your team members via a headset. In an escape room you try to escape from a closed room with your team through logical thinking. But it is also possible to play the same room next to each other with two teams. You can help or sabotage the other team. In the outdoor activities ( Expedition Robinson ) it is especially important to work together and learn to deal with physical and mental stimuli. STIXN sees team building as a physical experience in which you learn to communicate and collaborate as a group. This can be against time or against another group. It is also very important that the activities are accessible to everyone.

4 Team building objectives

Before the start of a team building activity, the objectives are first formulated. These objectives are essential in the entire team building process. Rephrasing objectives is of great importance to provide the team building with usefulness. The objectives are determined according to the needs of the team. Common goals of team building are

1. Smoother internal communication

Teams that communicate with each other more easily than other teams are increasingly productive and efficient than teams with less smooth communication.

2. Improve work atmosphere

High morale helps to increase staff productivity. By creating a ‘we’ feeling, trust within a team grows and it functions more productively and efficiently.

3. Promote collaboration

It is very important that a team works well internally as well as with other teams to be successful.

4. Resolving Conflict

There are conflicts in every team. Team building can ensure that these conflicts are resolved, increasing the productivity of a team. The goal of team building is to improve the functioning of the group, in other words to form a more effective working team. The functioning of the group can be measured, among other things, by how effectively there is cooperation.

Indoor activities

There are several recreational activities that a company can register for that take place indoors. For example, there is the possibility to practice a sport in a group or you can go laser shooting as a team. An escape room is rather a mental form of team building. A VR gaming activity ensures that you as a team learn to communicate, collaborate and forge plans even better. Any activity considered should take into account the psychological and physical health of the participants. Indoor activities are more often done during bad weather conditions.

outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are activities where action and adventure are more applied. These are activities that test the physical health of the participants. Examples of outdoor team building activities are group activities in the open air. During outdoor trials it is very important that you and your teammates work well together, communicate and that you have body control, sportsmanship and tactics.

Team building trends 2022 |
Bijlwerpen is een teambuilding trend

A very first trend within the team building world is that customers want the team building activity to be accessible to everyone. Successful team building involves all team members. It is also clear that team building events can now take place close to home. There is a very good chance that there is a company located within an hour’s drive that offers quality teambuilding. Teambuildings are now also more likely to take place during the weekdays. The participants reserve their weekends earlier for private moments.

A second trend is escape rooms, the offer in terms of locations has increased enormously in the last 5 years. The aim is for participants to solve different problems against the clock in order to escape from a closed room. In addition to working together under time pressure, an escape room also teaches efficiency.

Another trend within the team building world that is very important during this corona pandemic is online team building. A big advantage of online teambuildings is that they are cheaper. A disadvantage of online teambuilding is that there is no physical contact between the participants. During the last year, various programs and concepts have been developed to organize online teambuilding.

Due to the corona pandemic, team building budgets have fallen sharply. This makes low-budget team buildings very popular. A city game is a good example of low-budget team building.

A trend that has only recently been introduced is the use of technological developments when organizing a team building activity. An example of this is virtual reality. In our current society, people are always looking for the latest technologies and gadgets. Team building organizers make full use of this.

Finally, there is an increasing demand for personalized teambuilding. Companies are looking for tailor-made team buildings.

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