team building Leuven

team building Leuven

Are you looking for a team building event in Leuven with all the trimmings? Then you have come to the right place at STIXN. We offer a wide range of unique and challenging activities that are both competitive and relaxing. View it here or feel free to contact us and request a quote without obligation.

Teambuilding in Leuven at STIXN

A team building in Leuven is ideal to strengthen ties within the team or to welcome new colleagues. Take a breather or go over achievements in a fun way.

Turn your team into a winning team at STIXN. Escape from our unique escape room . Blast away in the laser shooting arena or collaborate in our brand new free roam virtual reality arena .

Everything in 1 location

Enjoy the largest offer in Leuven to organize a team building and all this in one location with a spacious parking lot and public transport that stops in front of the door! It’s all possible at STIXN.

Why team building in Leuven at STIXN?

As mentioned above, STIXN is not only the place where all activities are available in one location, but it is also the ideal place to thank your team for the hard work or to motivate them, but also to strengthen the collaboration ties. This can be done in collaboration as well as in competition against each other.

In our escape room you have to work together to get out. In this escape room you can also compete against each other in a room where you can see and hear the opponent.

Has it been a busy period? Is the team struggling with some pent-up stress? Then ax throwing or archery is the way to let off steam. The feeling of hitting the bullseye with a real ax is therapeutic. Stress away!

Communicate, collaborate, plan with your team… Every mission is different but always equally challenging. Our free roam virtual reality space is ideal for team building. Step into the virtual world together with your colleagues and compete against each other or the zombies!

During the Robinson Expedition , you have to compete against other teams and endure various trials. During the trials, you and your teammates must prove that you can work together, communicate and that you possess body control, sportsmanship and tactics. Challenge yourself, your colleagues and your survival skills during this exciting and intense experience.

Request your customized team building. We provide the best and most effective activities, good catering and an appropriate meeting room. There is also sufficient parking space and changing rooms available!


Virtual reality, Laser shooting, Escape Room: Catch The Train, Ax Throwing Archery, Fun Boxing or do you want to know who the real Robinson is in your team? Then choose our Expedition Robinson ! A wide range of unique activities that can certainly not be found in the workplace, but which strengthen your team. This with always the 4 most important objective in mind.

Virtual Reality

At STIXN you can play virtual reality like never before! Play with the highest quality material in a brand new arena and in collaboration with VR BASE. Thanks to the Free-Roam experience, you can come and play with colleagues in teams of up to 11 people.

Communicate, collaborate, forge plans. Every mission is different but always equally challenging. Before you step into another dimension, you will receive a short explanation from our employees. They guide you into a world you’ve never seen!

laser shooting

Experience laser shooting Leuven like never before in our brand new Spaceship Arena . With two floors, this spacious arena is a mecca for avid players and beginners alike. In this way every game remains a challenge: where will the opponents come this time?

Step through the airlock and you will be transported to our Spaceship, an environment where you see strange aliens and predators everywhere. Find your way in the labyrinth and beat your colleagues. With tactics or just a stampede. In our laser shooting arena near Leuven there is room for all possible strategies.

Escape Room: Catch The Train

Your team wants to take the train, although you don’t know at the moment what time the train will leave and at which platform. Will you catch the train on time? Or will you sleep on a couch tonight… Take the challenge!

Catch The Train: Here you not only have to escape within 60 minutes, you play an exact copy of the opponent’s room. Can you be faster than the other team? It’s a real competition. Are you up for this challenge? The last person to decipher which train to take has to settle for a second class seat… That is, if the train hasn’t left yet…?

Expedition Robinson

This is the ideal team building game. Here you have to compete against other teams and go through various trials. Try to successfully overcome all obstacles and trials with your team. Build your own catapult and shoot the targets.

During the trials, you and your teammates must prove that you can work together, communicate and that you possess body control, sportsmanship and tactics. Challenge yourself, your colleagues and your survival skills during this exciting and intense experience.

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Fun Boxing

STIXN Fun Boxing offers fitness focused boxing without the fighting aspect. We train on technique, condition, endurance, coordination and strength in a fun and positive environment.

The Fun Boxing session is adapted to specific wishes and/or the fitness level of the participants. You can opt for a more quiet sporty session in which games are played or bang hard on the pockets and everything in between.

This gives the lessons a personal touch, everyone can work at their own pace and we emphasize FUN.

De bokszaal bij funboxing voor teambuilding in Leuven


Do you want to organize a meeting with your team, but do you want to travel? Organize it at STIXN. Is it a moment of reflection, an evaluation, a regular meeting or for other purposes? We offer you a large meeting room that is tailored to the customer’s needs. Everything is possible!

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At STIXN you have the opportunity to fill a whole day with activities, but of course that also includes something to eat. Gourmet sandwiches, coffee cakes, reception snacks, pasta, pizza or a delicious BBQ? Contact us and ask one of our employees.

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