Fun fun & food!

A laser game as a birthday party? Our STIXN MAXI with snack even gives you three! Treat your child to three laser games, water and 2 kinds of Stixn lemonade à volonté and choose between pancakes or hotdogs. Invite all his or her friends to this amazing experience! 

Each game is divided into time slots of 20 minutes, between each game you will also always have a time slot rest. This way you can catch your breath, check your scores and have a drink.

stixn maxi snack

STIXN maxi snack

26 Per person
  • Minimum 10 people
  • 3x laser shoot
  • Water & 2 kinds of Stixn lemonades à volonté
  • Hot dogs (2) or pancakes (3) after final lasergame
  • 2h10
  • From 8 years