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Free-roam virtual reality at STIXN is a unique experience! Best VR quality in the region. Play our brand new VR arena with friends, family and colleagues!

How did virtual reality come about?

Free-roam virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar or completely different from the real world. In the 1970s, NASA Free-roam used virtual reality for medical purposes, flight simulation, automotive design, and military purposes. We are of course not astronauts, but STIXN that offers you a unique Free-roam virtual reality experience. This is of course not just Free-roam virtual reality as we know it today, only in a room where you play a game and are attached to different cables and your movement space is limited.

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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be compared to the real world or a completely different world unlike the world we know today. You can use virtual reality for various purposes (see above). The VR that we offer our customers is an entertainment virtual reality experience. From the moment you put on the virtual reality glasses, you step into a completely different world! Discover our brand new VR environment below.

STIXN - VRBASE Leuven has a brand new VR arena!

STIXN is centrally located and close to Leuven, Kortenberg, Herent, Veltem and Brussels. At STIXN (VR BASE Leuven) we offer you free-roam virtual reality gaming with 160m² of free movement space and up to six different VR games. STIXN works closely with the software developers so that we can offer you the best experience and the latest technologies.

Virtual Reality Brussels |

What is free-roam virtual reality?

The word itself says it “roam free”.

With Free-Roam we give you an experience where you can walk and communicate freely with friends, family or colleagues in a virtual world without being dependent on unnecessary cabling and other equipment that restricts movement.

We are the first in the region with this concept!

High quality material

For the best experience you also need the best material. At STIXN we use the Arena Infinity. A gun with different functions while playing the game. With the recoil applied to the rifle, the experience seems even more realistic. Come and discover it!

The HP Reverb G2 VR Headset completes the experience with lifelike images and HD quality that mimics lifelike images. It seems as if you are completely absorbed in space.

If you stand on a cliff, it looks like you are going to fall. Do you want to take the elevator? It looks like you’re really going up! With the built-in headset you can now also communicate with your teammates.

The HP Reverb G2 VR Headset makes it more realistic than ever before.

Corona proof?

During COVID-19 we had to miss our social contacts hard, but with our free-roam virtual reality we are now putting an end to that!
Free – roam VR is the ideal coronaproof activity in the region! The software developers of VR BASE have designed a smart function so that you can respect social distancing ! Be sure to check out our corona measures.

Virtual Reality Brussels |

Is free-roam virtual reality exactly what you're looking for?

Do you want to challenge your family, friends or colleagues to a VR competition? At STIXN we have multiple (6) gameplays suitable for young and old. Fancy a snack or a drink? No problem, we serve warm snacks and the bar is open.

The experience

We already give you some of our different experiences so that you can make a suitable choice. View our virtual reality games here.


An enemy base is in possession of a SAM tank. Can you and your team do everything in your power to destroy it? Install yourself in a safe position on the mountain, set your sights on sharp and look through your scope like an accomplished sniper. Every shot counts!


Split into 2 teams you end up in an abandoned warehouse. Which team takes the upper hand? Discover it in Warehouse.






The enemy lurks around the corner. Can you and your team do everything you can to defend the antenna?
Download the necessary data in time to make your operation a success. One goal: keep the enemy away from the antenna!


The Pit - 2 or 4 teams

Stand directly opposite each other. Take a seat on the platform with your team and brace yourself immediately. The platform drops with each hit shot. Be the first to set foot in ‘The Pit’

Team Deathmatch

Do you like some competition and challenge? Compete against each other and decide who is the sharpest shooter. The law of the fittest applies here more than ever.



You and your team walk to metro line 15B. You will soon notice unwanted visitors. The subway is leaving. Fifteen frantic minutes in the dark to follow. Does everyone make it to the final stop?


Fearless marauders threaten Blackwood.


Crawl into your armour and sharpen your arrows, as armed with crossbow you go into battle against the Vikings targeting your village.


Beware, for they are not alone…


Your team only just managed to get out of the underground alive, but danger now lurks above ground too. Make your way through a horde of zombies until the rescue team gets you there. Can you survive long enough?





Do you not want to wait any longer and are you completely convinced of our games and operation? Then quickly click through!

Team building

Are you the one who organizes a team building? View our packages here.