Escape Rooms text

Escape Rooms text

Escape Rooms text

But what is an escape room?

You walk inside a mysterious room filled with riddles. The door closes behind you and you're locked inside*. The only way to get out, is by solving the riddles. 

The countdown has started. You have 60 minutes or all will be lost!!

Every escape room has a different story / theme. A room can be played from 3 to 6 players (ideal numbers of players are 4 or 5 per room). The key to success is good communication with other players, analysing every detail and nerves of steal. Every object could be a key to escape... or it could just be something to mislead you...

I think the concept is clear. The question is... Are you smart enough to solve the riddles and escape?

Can YOU make it?

Prices per person per room:

3 persons: 26 euro pp

4 persons: 24 euro pp

5 persons: 22 euro pp

6 persons: 20 euro pp

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