Discover our newest activities. Challenge your friends and colleagues to a fun game of lasershooting... If you're curious who's the brightest mind? Try our escape rooms and competition escape rooms. Or perhaps you're more into physical challenges... Try our fun boxing now!

Fun Boxing: starting at €10,- per person per session

Have you ever wanted to learn how to box, but you don't like a black eye? Try fun boxing. We promis not to hurt you too much...

Lasershooting: Price starts at €5,- per person, per session

Enter our brand new and unique lasershooting arena. We promise you more fun than anywhere else.

Escape Rooms

Escape within 60 minutes. Are you sure you can handle it? Game on!

Competition Escape Room

Have you ever wanted to challenge a big group of friends, but the rooms were too small? We have the solution!

Expedition Robinson: €25,- per person

€25,- per person: You get the chance to try one of the most challenging teambuilding activities out there. It's a mix of tactical, physical challenges.

Archery Tag: From €250,-

Archery Tag is a very popular game that brings you back to the Robin Hood era. Shoot your opponent and win the game.

Bubble Foot: From €250,-

Bubble Foot a twist on football (soccer). Get inside a ball and run against the opponents whilst trying to score. It's hilarious... You'll see.

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