- STIXN is a new in- & outdoor entertainment center, with different activities like escape rooms, lasershooting and fun boxing. Our brand new lasershooting arena has been designed for beginners and experts.
- If you've always wanted to try out boxing, but you're not the biggest fan of getting smacked in the head, try our fun boxing. We'll teach you real boxing techniques and we'll get you in shape without getting hurt.
- On the other hand, if having a head ache is something you like, try our escape rooms and competition escape rooms. They will be a real mental challenge for you.

At STIXN we like to give you a full experience. We have the necessary space for meetings, caterings or parties and celebrations.

Are you by car? No problem. We have a big and free parking!

Looking for fun activities?


Fun Boxing: starting at €10,- per person per session

Have you ever wanted to learn how to box, but you don't like a black eye? Try fun boxing. We promis not to hurt you too much...

Lasershooting: Price starts at €5,- per person, per session

Enter our brand new and unique lasershooting arena. We promise you more fun than anywhere else.

Escape Rooms

Escape within 60 minutes. Are you sure you can handle it? Game on!

Expedition Robinson: €25,- per person

€25,- per person: You get the chance to try one of the most challenging teambuilding activities out there. It's a mix of tactical, physical challenges.

Bubble Tag

Play a combination of Bubble Foot and Archery Tag

STIXN SHOOT prices starting at €25,- per person

A real teambuilding game! Try to accomplish and succeed in every challenge and shoot the required targets as fast as possible.

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